Research Facts

  • Bed rest does not help back pain (British Journal of General Practice 1997)
  • Disc Herniation responded well to conservative treatment (Spine 2001 26(6))
  • BACK SURGERY OUTCOME: 70% of patient that have had back surgery still had pain, 46%-had radiation to the leg, 33% are still treated, 17%-have had another operation!!!! (Spine 13(12))
  • There is no correlation between the size of the disc and the symptoms (Modic. Neuroradiology 195)
  • 90% of patients with disc herniation showed good to excellent improvement and 92% returned to normal work with a conservative treatment (Back Pain Monitor 8(1))
  • 71% of patient who have had 1 back surgery, and 95% of patient who have had several back surgeries did not return to work 4 years after the surgery (Surgical Neurology 54(2))
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