Published Paper By Dr Sommer

Published in the USA:

This clinical Presentation represents a classical case of disc herniation with severe pain, numbness and tingling, nights without sleep, inability to walk or sit and immense pain. 

Surgery was the only recommendation and the patient was put on a waiting list in the Royal Melbourne Hospital, awaiting  surgery. The patient was referred to our office.

 At the end of the treatment the patient was asymptomatic and a new MRI was ordered. 

The new MRI was NORMAL. The previously reported large L4-5 disc was completely resorbed. (see picture below)

Before:                                                                 After:        


This case represents the growing approach of the conservative treatment of disc disorders with equipments like "DRS-9000", "Vax-D", "Flexion Distraction Decompression" and "Vertetrac". We are proud to have the latest equipment of the non surgical decompression treatment of the discs.

Here is the link and the full case report including the MRI and CT:

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