Spinal Decompression Centre - Melbourne Australia

86% pain relieving results with sofisticated decompression equipment

Dr. Ilan Sommer DC (USA): (research pearls):
"EIGHTY-SIX PERCENT OF RUPTURED INTERVERTEBRAL DISC (RID) PATIENTS ACHIEVED 'GOOD' (50-89% IMPROVEMENT) TO 'EXCELLENT' (90-100% IMPROVEMENT) RESULTS WITH DECOMPRESSION. SCIATICA AND BACK PAIN WERE RELIEVED." Pain-relieving results of traditional mechanical traction compare with a more sophisticated device which decompresses the lumbar spine, unloading of the facets. The decompression system gave "good" to "excellent" relief in 86% of patients with RID and 75 % of those with facet arthroses. The traction yielded no "excellent" results in RID and only 50% "good" to "excellent" results in those with facet arthroses. "of the facet syndrome patients, 75% obtained 'good' to 'excellent' results with decompression."
C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, and Vera Borgmeyer, RN, MA. Decompression, Reduction, and Stabilisation of the Lumbar Spine: A Cost-Effective Treatment for Lumbosacral Pain.